At 1iDEA we help you understand the role data plays in your business.

With your industry expertise and 1iDEA’s unique Analytical and Design capability, we will discover business opportunities by working right alongside you all the way through the process.

With decades of product development knowledge, experience and sophisticated analytical skills, 1iDEA will show you the power of data that is already at our fingertips.

Experience the satisfaction of turning your problems and opportunities into ideas and designing a new business strategy by applying 1iDEA’s Business Innovation Toolkits, the BITkits.

The power of BIG DATA

If you are not embracing the potential of data in business, you are not exploring all potential opportunities…. READ MORE

FREE Data Health Check

Discover your business’s potential by completing the Data Driven Scorecard.

Our Services

  • 1iDEA’s philosophy is collaboration. We bring Data Science skills and Design Thinking methodology to your Industry Expertise to develop business opportunities that create value to your customers.
  • 1iDEA’s aim is to work with all our clients through the entire process. We have a sincere interest in the development of your business to discover opportunities and translate them into measurable results.
  • On 1iDEA’s platform you will experience the innovative world of data analytics and its application to your business using theory, experience and application.
  • 1iDEA’s BITkits condense decades of proven innovation & product development tools and templates into handy printable booklets which encourage you to identify opportunities, create ideas and design new business strategies.



Opportunity is in all types of data, big and small.

Let’s explore your opportunities together by consolidating and examining the data you already have at your finger-tips.

1iDEA applies a combination of analytical tools to deliver the highest quality opportunities tailored to your business.

Innovation & Design


  • To get one idea you need opportunities.
  • To get opportunities, you need to analyse data.
  • To analyse data, you need 1iDEA.

Your employee’s knowledge, experience and skills are your greatest asset. Harness the collective power of your employee’s hearts and minds to address your business’s opportunities and problems.

Benefit from your employee’s knowledge with a half day facilitated 1iDEA workshop resulting in a forever accessible idea pool that you own.



1iDEA taps into the engineer’s practical mind to fix your existing problems, optimize performance, plan experiments, project manage prototypes and discover new opportunities.

Contact us to help us understand how best 1iDEA can help you.

Business Models


Better customer satisfaction, improves quality. Better quality, builds reputation. Better reputation, creates more sales. More sales, drives investment and sustainable growth.

More than just words, 1iDEA creates your business model equation from your customer data.
Apply your business model equation to meet current targets, set future targets and stimulate new opportunities.

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