About 1iDEA

1iDEA brings together three traditionally separate yet complementary disciplines of Data Analytics, Design Thinking and Engineering to deliver a complete business innovation package.

1iDEA leverages decades of product development experience in the global automotive industry from market research, innovation & concept creation, design & ergonomics to statistical experimentation, prototype testing and manufacturing to drive measurable improvements in your business.


Our data driven business philosophy is built on the design process advocating a closed loop customer-to-customer system backed at every step with data analysis.

Data is a great source of opportunity, especially customer data which is often available at the start of the design process. By applying statistical tools, your customer’s expectations & behaviours are uncovered providing great insight & business opportunity.

For every opportunity or problem there are many ideas that can address it. Idea creation, development and evaluation techniques prioritise the highest value ideas.

Engineering principles systematically improve and refine the highest value ideas by scientifically planning experiments, efficiently testing prototypes and tracking performance to your customer’s expectations.

Analysis of existing data and exploiting opportunities within could be considered continuous improvement or incremental innovation. Analysis can also stimulate creativity by extrapolating the equation to see what the solutions look like outside the limits of the data that created the model. Harnessing those radical opportunities and generating solutions requires lateral thinking.

Therefore, step-change or radical innovation still requires Out-of-the-Box Design Thinking to introduce something new and change the game.

1iDEA’s Philosophy is based on the following formula.

Data Science + Design Thinking + Industry Expertise = Game Changing Opportunities

Mission Statement

1iDEA’s First Mission is to develop strength and robustness in Victoria’s Business Community by applying decades of product development experience & analytical skills using an innovative data driven approach while leveraging Geelong’s UNESCO Design status.

1iDEA’s Second Mission is to leverage Victoria’s businesses growth and knowledge as a template to advance Data Driven Business Innovation & Design Australia-wide.


1iDEA’s Vision is to create a high performing, innovative & sustainable data driven business community throughout Australia.

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Phone: 0448 747 661
Email: info@1iDEA.com.au

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